The solution

LUFT-GUET.CH traffic light

The basis of the system is the LUFT-GUET.CH traffic light. It is the local measuring and display device. The traffic light is placed centrally in the room, e.g. the meeting table. It measures the CO2 content, the room temperature and the humidity. The CO2 value is displayed with the bar graph and the smileys. The power supply is provided by a USB plug-in power supply unit. The LUFT-GUET.CH traffic light is a stand-alone device and works as soon as it is connected to the power supply.


Connecting your LUFT-GUET.CH traffic light to your wifi opens up the extensive functionality of the LUFT-GUET.CH Cloud.

The LUFT-GUET.CH Cloud can:

  • Trending, display values graphically
  • Alerting, e.g. e-mail in case of too high CO2 content
  • Visualisation, display of actual values on the floor plan
  • Communicate, pass on values to control systems
  • Logging, save values